The Women’s Club first met in the auditorium of the local Elementary School, then located on Hanson Street in Easton. They continued to meet in each other’s homes to discuss the ways the Club could address the unmet needs of the community. As their time and talents were limited, they decided sewing was the best project for them—with the dozen or so members sewing more than 100 garments for needy children in that first year alone.

Club rules were few and meetings informal, but so many new members clamored for admittance that the meetings were moved to the Talbot County Auditorium building, with a seating capacity of 200. Meeting the need for hot lunches and milk for under-privileged children was their next project.

This was followed by a variety of informational programs, including guest speakers, singers, readers, and open discussions on pertinent topics. The women were also becoming more aware of the political needs of their community. Realizing that good government in their local town was part of the foundation for good government in Maryland, as well as Washington, D.C., they studied local issues and became better educated voters.