Talbot’s visionary women leaders founded the Talbot County Women’s Club (the Club) in 1930, putting them at the forefront of the “Women’s Club Movement” across the country. Women’s Clubs provided women a forum for the free exchange of ideas and for improving their communities while also building lifelong friendships.

“Talbot County Women’s Club offers a civic outlet and an organization where they can meet new women while also giving back to our community. There is something for everyone-a historical house and garden, social events, and charitable acitivities. And most importantly, we have fun!”

The Talbot County Women's Club presents

our third annual, life-sized


10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Admission $5 per child
Children under two and adults are free. 

In 1946, The Club bought the James Price House on Talbot Lane (c. 1790) and its adjacent house (c. 1803). In 1947, renovations joined the two houses and continued over the years. Today, the Club still has several important capital projects underway to restore its historic structure.

In 2013, the property, which is in Easton’s historic district, was the site of an archeological dig conducted by the University of Maryland and is currently part of an archeology walking tour that presents the newly uncovered history of The Hill Community, one of the oldest settlements of free African-Americans in the United States.

Each Club member tailors her involvement to match her level of interest. Women of different generations, cultures and walks of life come together around four key principles that guide the work of the Talbot Country Women’s Club:

          1. to support service projects;
          2. to build deep friendships, 
          3. to create lifelong learning experiences; and
          4. to maintain a center for the Club’s activities.


As a nonprofit organization, the Club continues to carry on the tradition of giving with charitable work at the heart of everything the Club does. The Club’s first service project grew out of the need for clothing for children during the Depression. Club members made hundreds of garments that were distributed to those in need, plus they provided food and milk to undernourished school children. This included support for Easton’s Children’s Home for orphans. Charitable activities were funded by luncheons, card parties, rummage sales, swap shops, antique sales, fashion shows, and other projects-not, unlike the fundraising that still goes on today through the Club’s activities.

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“The original purpose of ‘organizing the women of the community into a club to safeguard the historical and promote the civic interests of the town and county’ is still relevant today”

Club activities over the years have included:

  1. supporting Care and Unicef projects
  2. participating in a “Clean Up Easton” Campaign
  3. providing non-perishable food items to the Neighborhood Center, Talbot Senior Center, and Department of Aging
  4. providing backpacks for Easton Middle School students
  5. knitting and crocheting hats for the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign for the American Heart Association
  6. sponsoring scholarships to women returning to Chesapeake College for their degree


“Finding ways to continue to grow and learn should be a lifelong quest.”

The Club continues to sponsor informational programs on pertinent topics and local important issues to help members expand their knowledge on important community issues, creating a common interest in charitable, educational, civic, moral, and social measures.

Today, a wide range of speakers, reflecting the diverse interests of our membership and a shared interest for continued learning, present on topics including current news and events, food, business, science, wellness, literature, health, education, the environment, and the arts. Cultivating community minds and connecting people by providing programming and speakers that inform and inspire is important to the Club’s mission of lifelong learning. The Club welcomes the opportunity for members to plan educational and social trips to further engage members.


Experience social, educational, and cultural activities while helping your community. Each Club member tailors her involvement in the Club to match her interest level. If you are curious and would like to learn more, contact the Club to schedule a tour or join us during our general meetings. For further information, email [email protected] or visit talbotcountywomensclub.org.